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Hire Scottish Pipers and Drummers for your Event

Send an e-mail stating what type of event you are planning and we will contact you to discuss what we can offer. We have over 30 years' of experience performing with pipes and drums at various events from christenings, birhtdays, parties, weddings, fairs and parades to funerals. We can also arrange talks about and tastings of whisky and Scottish beer, including Scottish music.

Check out this link to see suggestions of how and where to use pipe music.

When making an inquiry, please state what date and approximate time your event is planned for as well as the location.


D/M Marie Nordström, B.Sc

+46 70 720 5640
+46 31 13 24 90

P/M Mats d Hermansson, Ph.D.

+46 73 987 4855
+46 31 13 24 90

Vänligen ange datum och ungefärlig tidpunkt samt ort för tillställningen vid förfrågan.

Mats d and Marie
Mats d and Marie

© Mats d Hermansson 2008
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