The Bagpipe Pages
Music Examples

Here you can download excerpts of a few tunes

The Desperate Battle [Trad.]

Short excerpt of this piobaireachd played by Mats d Hermansson on the bagpipes (Scotland 2001).

Amazing Grace [Trad.]

Played by Mats d Hermansson (Sweden 2005).

Highland Cathedral [Uli Roever and Michael Korb, arr. Hemvärnets Musikkår, Borås]

Played by Hemvärnets Musikkår, Borås and the Murray Pipes & Drums (of Gothenburg) (Borås, Sweden 2005).

The Bluebells of Scotland and Orfeus in Underground [sic!] [Trad? arr. MPD]

Played by The Murray Pipes and Drums (of Gothenburg). (Scandinavian Championships for Pipes and Drums, Helsingborg, Sweden 1983).

'The Unjust Incarceration' [Trad? arr. MPD]

Piobairachd arranged for bagpipes and guitar played by Mats d Hermansson, Ulf Schönberg, Sven Axelsson and Dan Anderson [Mixed sound by Lars G. Svensson] (Copenhagen Winter Competition 1988).

Pipe Major James Kirkpatrick – 'Ten years and another ten years'

Pipe Major James Kirkpatrick from Bonhill in Scotland who taught many Swedish piping enthusiasts in the 1970s and 80s uttered these wise words on a tape sent to The Murray Pipes & Drums (of Gothenburg) around 1980.

You can also watch some further video clips here.

© Mats d Hermansson 2008
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