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Rolf of Sweden (ROS)
ROS Practic chanter
ROS Practic chanter

Rolf Littorin, expert pipe maker in Sweden

In the late 1990s, me and Sven Axelsson, the pipe-sergeant of The Murray Pipes & Drums (of Gothenburg), worked together with Rolf to produce a chanter sound for our band. The Murray Pipes & Drums (of Gothenburg) have now played these chanters successfully for a number of years.

Among other products Rolf has made for me are a long luxury practice chanter made of African blackwood with a silver and mammoth tusk sole and a silver and walrus tusk blowpipe as well as a sgian duhb with a hand carved blackwood handle with engraved silver and cairngorm. The blade is made of special steel and there is a pattern worked into the leather of the sheath.

Read more about Rolf on his own site: Rolf of Sweden

Detail PC sole
Practice chanter sole

ROS Sigan duhb
ROS Sigan Duhb
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