The Bagpipe Pages

Bagpipe music can be used in many situations

We have over 30 years of experience performing with pipes and drums at various events. Below are some examples of occasions where we have performed and of what we can offer.

Piper and drumming marching
P/M Mats d Hermansson & D/M Marie Nordström

Solo piper or a piper and drummer

The colourful appearance of a solo piper or a piper and drummer, dressed in traditional Highland dress, playing at your party or dinner, gives you and your guests a memory to talk about for many years after the event. Our players have a wide repertoire of music reaching from the classical piobaireachd music and traditional marches to modern swinging dance tunes such as reel, hornpipes and jigs.

P/M Mats d Full Dress
P/M Mats d Hermansson, Full Dress

Parades and openings

The sight and sound of the pipes and drums has always impressed audiences. It definitely draws the attention of spectators at parades and openings.

Concerts and presentations

One of our specialities is performances where we not only play, but also tell about bagpipes, drums, kilts and about the history of the music and its origins in the clan history of the Scottish Highlands. Mats d Hermansson has written a dissertation – From Icon to Identity – about Scottish piping and drumming in Scandinavia, and he can give academic lectures as well as lighter presentations.

Golf competitions

Golf has its roots in Scotland, and we have played at a great many golf competitions over the years – sometimes to welcome the players, at other occasions at the prize giving ceremony or at the dinner in the evening.


You can also surprise a friend with a live pipe concert as a birthday gift.

Playing up the aisle
Mats d playing in a church


In Scotland it is more or less unthinkable to have a wedding without a piper. Over the years we have played at a great many weddings, in churches and in many other places such as castles, fortresses, in the forest, the golf course and by the sea.

Outside church
Mats d outside a church at a wedding

Wedding by the sea
Mats d playing at a wedding by the sea

Piper at funeral
Mats d playing at a funeral


Of course we also play in connection with funerals. The Great Highland Bagpipe has always been a ceremonial instrument played at solemn occasions such as funerals to commemorate the dead and to console the living.

© Mats d Hermansson 2008
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