The Bagpipe Pages
Previous events

Here you can see photographs from a few of our previous performances in various countries and places.

The Murray Pipes & Drums (of Gothenburg) on parade in Gothenburg 2007 under direction of Pipe Major Mats d Hermansson, Ph.D. (Photo: Karin Flordal © MPD 2007)
MPD, Gothenburg

The first performance in Tenerife by Mats d Hermansson and Marie Nordström at the Walk for Life event at Playa de las Américas in October 2008.
Piping walk for life

Mats d Hermansson playing with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Northland Festival, Wick 2001.
Mats d and BBC Scottish Symphony

The Murrays playing in the Massed Pipes & Drums parade, Northlands Festival, Wick 2001.
Massed Pipes & Drums, Wick
© Mats d Hermansson 2008
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